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Yet another look at the emergence of Brands as Media « excapite

MediaPost Publications Clarification: Bloomberg Terminals Carry Online Ads 05/06/2011 – high value target online advertising

Cool vs Isolated Japan? | A New Japan – dichotomy between cool and ‘Galapagos’ aspects of its culture and business

Information Processing: What use is game theory?

Erasing And Recovering Hard Drives: An Increasingly Complicated Affair – great howto

Apple iPad Still The Tablet Leader; Tablet Use Eats Into Other Device Usage | mocoNews – the interesting thing in this data for me was the lack of communal device usage in homes. Maybe this is more informal like kids taking the parents iPads and not shown?

Microsoft’s newest tactics: the good, the bad and the ugly | – is Microsoft doing its competitors marketing for them?

Research: We’re at the tipping point of mobile consumption – but readers want print too | TheMediaBriefing

Cool Infographics – Blog – The Reality Behind Social Location Apps #infographic

Mozilla refuses us request to take down firefox add-on- The Inquirer – interesting argument at the nexus between media companies interests, freedom of speech and censorship

Nokia, RIMM: Wedge Sees Signs Of Hope – Tech Trader Daily –

Security Expert: Sony Knew Its Software Was Obsolete Months Before PSN Breach – The Consumerist – and people were saying that Sony handled the PR well around this earlier on in the week Sony Bashed By Just About Everyone For Hack Handling –

Research Immobilized: Time for a Management Shake-Up? | AllThingsD – latest product announcements did not convince analysts

New IBM Fellows push computing frontiers – this is interesting because it is a good indication of technology areas which will be hot: question-and-answer systems, a holistic approach to hardware and software design (like Apple), mathematical modelling for environmental risk management, stream computing, network optimised computer operating systems, cloud services, virtualised data centres and semiconductor design verification tools / processes (presumably to deal with increasing complexity and parallel processing at the silicon level)

AMAT-Varian deal: What analysts are saying

Rhino OSX – the 3D modelling dons are coming

NEW! Crovel Folding Shovel- E tool – too awesome for words

Futures of Entertainment: piracy – turning threats into profit – interesting opinion piece on how the media industry needs to change in the modern world

Remove Extra Parameters from WordPress URLs for Better SEO – need to look at this

What’s your view on the digital KOL? | pharmaphorum

vintageJS (HTML5 site) – add retro and vintage effects to your images

How To Foursquare: Part I, Personal Use | The Next Great Generation – good 101 guide

What problems can you foresee when the UK bribery act comes into place? | pharmaphorum – not exactly friendly to UK business doing deals abroad

Apple’s Secret Weapon: No Choices | The Next Great Generation – going against the paradox of choice

With 3-D Transistors, Intel Keeps Moore’s Law Ticking : Tech News and Analysis «

Building A New Map And I Need Your Help: What Are The Key Categories of Data In Today’s Network Economy? – John Battelle’s Searchblog

Pessimism About The Future Of Today’s Youth – PSFKForty-four percent of Americans believe it is likely that today’s youth will have a better life than their parents, even fewer than said so amid the 2008-2009 recession, and the lowest on record for a trend dating to 1983.

How-to: replace your MacBook Air SSD with OWC’s Aura Pro Express

Microsoft tries luring iOS devs as Windows Phone 7 dev interest falters – development tools on the Mac and integration into XCode would help more

Why Not All Earnings are Equal; Microsoft has the Wal-Mart Disease – Adam Hartung – Growth – Dealing with Market Shifts – Forbes – interesting analysis of Microsoft and maybe explains why there isn’t a sovereign-funded private equity coup to overthrow Ballmer. If you changed Nokia for Microsoft in Stephen Elop’s burning platform memo; it would neatly fit where Microsoft is. Radical change is required including sacrificing some sacred cows