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danah boyd | apophenia » How Teens Understand Privacy

The End of the Destination Web and the Revival of the Information Economy Brian Solis – interesting piece on journalism, disagree with some of Solis’ assumptions but an interesting read nonetheless

George Yeo, Aljunied GRC, The Singapore Elections And Social Media | Social Media & Digital Marketing in Singapore – interesting case study on a social media failure in politics

Hong Kong Gangsters To The Philharmonic: Rolex Wants An Image Makeover In China – Worldcrunch – All News is Global – this exemplifies why Rolex needed a new CEO to radically improve the marketing in China

AppleInsider | Previous-gen Apple iPad, iPhone 3GS often outsell new Android devices – which tends to suggest that the Apple brand and user experience ist still winning out over Android

Graphene modulator means 3D film download in seconds – Forget broadband, we want “extremeband” | TechEye

Youth anxious to contribute but feel ‘ignored’ | Irish Examiner – family financial situation over-riding worry

:: freesound :: – sounds for apps and websites released under a creative commons license

Rolex Replaces CEO, Surprises Analysts – Luxury Insider – I am less surprised the new models released under his watch were bigger and brasher, probably not the kind of things that would sell in the high-growth markets of Asia

Skyhook Wireless v. Google Case Yields E-Mail Insight – – not quite the electronic chest thumping you used to get in Microsoft antitrust trials but interesting none the less

Beyond the days of ink – look at the changing audience for newspapers | – great infographic

European Ventures Seek to Fill a News Void – – including WorldCrunch

Estée Lauder looks to China: News from – this could be interesting as there will be a lot of demand in the middle segment of the luxury market

HOW TO: Set Up a Foursquare Special

Shanda Starts Beta Tests Of Chinese Microblog Platform – – does Sina’s Weibo have too much of a lead for Shanda to catch up?

HOW TO: Poll Consumers on Facebook