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Teaching English in Korea – A Westerner’s Guide to Korean Culture, Good Manners, and Approximately Correct Social Behavior


I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Steve Ballmer’s Nightmare

Creating a coherent social media strategy / we are social

Experian Hitwise – Experian Hitwise China launch and micro-blogging in China

US Intelligence Crunches Metaphors to Understand Foreign Language – Gizmodo – could pay dividends for sentiment analysis on social media

Over 24 Pending Lawsuits Involve Facebook Firings – and that’s just the US

It’s the One Media Device That Really Doesn’t Matter to Marketers – eReaders have had a steady uptake but low opportunities for marketers

Boreas – way cool technical designs of backpacks

Measuring the Net’s growth dividend – McKinsey Quarterly – expect to see this in slide decks for the next few years

Dry-All Saves Gadgets From a Watery Grave – Technabob – I still prefer rice in the airing cupboard

Yahoo ad that likens internet speed to driving fast is rapped by ASA – Campaign – does this mean that Bing is the Jeremy Clarkson of search engines?

Sony Ericsson poaches Nokia exec to head operations – Rethink Wireless – interesting move given Nokia’s expertise in supply chain management and distribution networks for mobile devices which historically gave them an unparalleled foot-print

At cross-purposes | – Chinese history shows that the Americans have misread the intentions of their ‘strategic rival’. Unfortunately, it has paved the way to a vicious cycle of mutual misunderstanding (pay wall)

SID] Sony Announces OLED Panel With Self-aligned Top-gate Oxide TFT – Tech-On! – OLED tech moving forwards slowly

Saatchi mobile marketer: Mobile web is better value than apps | TheMediaBriefing

International Luxury Brands In Crosshairs Of China’s Largest Private Company, Fosun « Jing Daily – interesting move

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Netflix too big to fail? – interesting network usage data on video