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Nokia’s shares nosedive on dire profits warning – Rethink Wireless – surprised that this wasn’t priced in as you didn’t have to be a clairvoyant to see this coming down the pipe. It also doesn’t mean that Elop is necessarily doomed either

Lloydspharmacy extends erectile campaign- THE DRUM – the remote doctor service is an interesting idea

Internet Myth Number 8: VC’s fund innovation « excapite

Internet Myth Number 7: You can build a brand using social media « excapite

Internet Myth Number 6: A top page ranking in Google is critical to your web site’s success « excapite

Internet Myth Number 4: Traffic is King « excapite

Internet Myth Number 3: Online advertising is a boom industry « excapite

Internet Myth Number 2: Silicon Valley is the innovation leader « excapite

Internet Myth Number 1: The internet is disruptive. « excapite

Eric Schmidt on Google’s social stumbles: “I screwed up” | VentureBeat

Android’s U.S. smartphone OS market share plateaus in latest Nielsen report

World Health Organization: cell phones possibly carcinogenic | VentureBeat – this is a review of existing academic studies, so the methodology can be questioned. Expect it to get hype though

Cadbury’s pulls ad after racism claims – Campaign

SQUATTERTOWN – a Dim Sum Western web series from Hong Kong’s rooftops – awesome idea, great backdrops

Anti-Lee Protesters Angered by Prosecutors’ Pursuit of Graffiti-drawing Professor – WSJ – interesting how language plays into these kind of things

13 Instagram Apps For More Photo Fun – is it me or is this like Flickr for people who don’t own a proper camera. I use my iPhone for pictures but not exclusively

Top Smartphone Platforms in Europe – Apple number two after Symbian – Far from home and lonely – really interesting how companies like Fuji Xerox are handling employee morale and training

Google knocks Yahoo! off display ad top spot :: StrategyEye

Gome’s Electronics Retail Business Surges In China – – impressive electronics sales increases, not sure if this is down the disputes that Gome has resolved or latent domestic demand

Can Tencent Weibo Threaten Sina Weibo? | DigiCha

Google Drops Numerous APIs, Including Translate | Search Engine Journal

Rakuten to Jump Keidanren Ship? | A New Japan – need for restructure of the electricity sector

24% of U.S. Adults Have Made Phone Calls on the Internet [STUDY] – VoIP growth

VeriSign: Internet has almost 210 million domains

New version of the ACTA text | ACTA – final version: worthwhile reading as likely to be signed into law in the US and the EU at least

Fake Prada bags: Why counterfeits help high-end designers sell more of the real thing. – By Ray Fisman – Slate Magazine