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The Future of Social Media – well maybe

Liveblogging the Tencent Partners Conference | TechNodeOpen is the new trends here in China, with Renren‘s open platform and 360‘s lately annoucement of all-around open strategy in place, now it’s Tencent’s turn, the giant and one of the most profitable internet company is hosting it’s very first “Tencent Partners Conference” in Beijing to tout its open platform products and strategies

Germany, Turkey and the UK lead Europe’s online video league – Europe

Does anyone care about your new product? (Doing market research with Google’s Keyword Tool) | Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)

Smartphones Used By Doctors in Japan to View ECG records | Penn Olson

Twitter Partners with Yahoo Japan for Tweet Integration | Penn Olson – this make sense given Yahoo! Japan’s popularity and Twitter’s

Will Facebook Reach 152 Million U.S. Users Next Year? – will older consumers cause a reduction in ARPU, as they are a less attractive audience?

Introducing new features to mobile search – Official Google Mobile Blog

Why Content Isn’t King – Magazine – The Atlanticthe dirty little secret of the media industry is that content aggregators, not content creators, have long been the overwhelming source of value creation

iPhone liquidity: Why an unlocked Phone in the US matters | asymco

BBC developing new iPhone app for field reporters | – interesting move by the BBC / Capital Markets – Wary investors spy trouble in Brazil and India bonds

Outlook bright for media and entertainment sectors | – digital advertising to have less of an impact in Hong Kong due to ‘different market dynamics’

1,600 Michael Jackson Fans Come Together For Interactive Video – interesting exercise in co-creation

Covert Affairs TV Series – USA Network -Tweetcast – interesting multi-channel alternate plot for series two

NEC Develops Zero Standby Power Semiconductor Tech

Sina Weibo Testing Enterprise Accounts | Penn Olson

News Corp’s Project Alesia Team Releasing An iPad Product After All | mocoNews

Aussie Anti-Piracy Group Backflips On 3 Strikes Backflip | TorrentFreak

Dianxin OS Powers Acer’s New Phone – Liquid Mini E310 | TechNode

Is Facebook peaking in the US? –

Digerati – Exploding melons, Sung-bong sung, Hong Kong Deaths and Dove’s Digital Body Language

Facebook (Kinda) Disputes Slowdown Estimates, But Declines to Give Actual Stats – AllThingsD

Jixi Pix Software – Simply HDR – great photography app

Samsung to topple Nokia from top of smartphone pile this quarter – but its the small Asian manufacturers who are catching up fast

Some analysts believe RIM still has more bad news in store

Using Social Media With Direct Mail — The Social Penguin Blog – QR codes

Why Microsoft has made developers horrified about coding for Windows 8

Facebook Is Losing Users In The Countries Where It Took Off First

Apple: Piper Sees Developer Enthusiasm Sustaining iOS Lead – – this might be skewed as there are far more people who develop for iOS who can’t get to WWDC

Nokia: Don’t Bottom Fish, Says Wunderlich, Cash’s Going Down – – interesting allegations of channel stuffing. One has to remember that Nokia would have benefited from Chinese New Year sales so I am not so sure about Q1 channel stuffing Ties Knot With Japanese Partner For Marriage Website In China –