I like: human design inside iNQ phones | 风度翩翩的产品设计 iNQ

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Back in the day when you took the cover off a Nokia 5110 you were confronted by rustic looking face on the speaker cover; a great touch which put humanity into the design.
Nokia 5110 once you pop the facia off
You don’t see so much of that kind of thing now, mobile devices are a bit of a killjoy. However I took apart a couple of year old handset from iNQ.
INQ phone moulding
On the back of the cover is a maze molding to provide a bit of rigidity and put a smile on the face of anyone opening the case.

UPDATE: Dan Lane pointed out that the maze is a clue to an Easter egg in the phone software, which makes it even a more human touch ^.^
INQ IMEI barcode label
Once you get past the battery, there is the usual label on the case revealing both serial number and the IMEI, this is unusual as it has a man pushing against the barcode. Whilst I may not aspire to have an iNQ handset I love the human design touches.