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Most VCs Are Investing All Wrong – the money quote Major technological advances have slowed in the last few years, as investors have been much more willing to fund me-too Internet startups than groundbreaking new technologies.

Hey Android Makers: If You’re Competing On Features, You’ve Already Lost – you read it here first

Feds to Launch Probe of Google – – but is this good for consumers, or just companies like Microsoft who have consistently been lobbying Washington and Brussels? The ironic aspect of this is that social search could finally shake things up

The PROTECT IP Act Will Slow Start-up Innovation – Union Square Ventures or why Silicon Britain is screwed

Mail smashes web record and may have overtaken BBC – Press Gazette

When Cars Bite Back – no real surprise here. Cars are built to last decades, the tech going into them has a lifespan of three years if that.

40% of European smartphone buyers intend to buy an iPhone next – but how many know how to use it?

Asiajin » Dentsu Releases Android Decorational Twitter Client Decotter – really smart application with a potential for marketing

Netherlands becomes second country to make net neutrality a law | VentureBeat

Danish police proposal: Ban anonymous Internet use – Boing Boing

Apple wins antitrust clearance to bid on Nortel patents

Murdoch admits ‘mood is not great’ as ad spend stalls – Media news – Media Week

Random China Thoughts. Been There, Done That. : China Law Blog – service industries taking off as foreign manufacturing declines a bit

U.S., Singapore, and U.K. Have the Highest Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

“Brands are over-obsessed with fans,” says Facebook adsales chief |

Facebook has 750 Million users – as talk of user exit grows | The Wall Blog

Graphene: Future IT | Hot Topics | ZDNet UK

Why Some Skypers Are Seeing Red – BusinessWeek – its all a bit fishy

High-tech venture capitalists to Congress: The PROTECT IP Act is bad for America – Boing Boing – which is why Silicon Roundabout turning to Silicon Britain is a pipe dream

Daring Fireball: On the N9 and MeeGo – John Gruber nails it in this post about the Nokia N9