Jargon watch: ambient tourism

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When I first skimmed Dentsu London’s post on ambient tourism, I was struck by this very particular type of vicarious experience. Ambient tourism is defined as an effort to transmit the feel of a journey elsewhere, highlighting work done by Norwegian state broadcaster NRK. I was reminded by some of the navel-gazing about life-streaming, The KLF’s aborted The White Room film and Chris Petit’s film London Orbital.
Hurtigruten på vei til  Florø
I’ve talked about vicarious experiences before, but as the bête noire of of the marketer, where the experience or the web service doesn’t need to be tried or experienced as others have done it and told others about it – think of it as the anti-matter in word-of-mouth marketing. What is most interesting about the NRK experiment is that it is obviously designed to profit the Norwegian government and the people of Norway.

I hereby coin the NRKbeta Doctrine: The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it.

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