A really simple bit of creativity

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Sina Weibo has become a popular micro-blogging service. It started off as being rather similar to Twitter, but provides a more integrated experience for users. Add to this that you can say more in 140 Chinese characters than using a roman alphabet language and it has a whole new dynamic to it. (Although there are other services such as Tencent Weibo, I will just use Weibo to refer to the Sina service for this article). It has also become popular with the Chinese government as a form of electronic communications with the general public.
CIC Data highlighted this logo from a regional Shanghai police Sina Weibo feed.

The traffic police of Shanghai’s Qing Pu district have taken a lighthearted, personable approach to their social media engagement. In Chinese, traffic police is pronounced Jiao Jing. So, they combined Qing from Qing Pu and Jiao from Jiao Jing to get Qing Jiao, which means green pepper. There you have it, the new face of Qing Pu law enforcement – drawn on a pepper.

It’s just a simple creative idea, but I really liked it!