Less doing, more analysis

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I has the opportunity to speak with a mixed group of PR professionals from outside my agency the other day and it was interesting to see how little awareness there was about how free online PR planning tools like Google Insights for Search, Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends and the like have yet to be co-opted at the strategy, messaging and planning; stage; especially given how useful they can be in offline campaign elements. PR has a corrosive culture of needing to do things, which I think partly because we do a lot of the strategy at the client pitch stage and give it away for free, then there is the cut and paste strategy document that the client gets because they want it yesterday. A secondary aspect maybe generational; with many senior counsel providers not being aware of, or feeling comfortable with using these tools to get at least a top level of insight. The industry is starting to get more serious about measurement but strategy, messaging and planning still seems to be an area for improvement – that would be much easier to achieve.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week