The other shoe drops for PRs on Yahoo!-Microsoft search deal

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For those PRs that run SEO programmes or even know how to use internet tools for campaign planning and insights Yahoo! Site Explorer was a valuable weapon to have in their arsenal. It output sites that linked into a target site as a CSV file that could be opened in Microsoft Excel. This allowed you to, for instance, see which sites were mentioning competitors but not your site and sites that linked to both.  Yahoo!’s deal last year to hand over its search functionality to Microsoft cast a shadow over Yahoo!’s custom search product BOSS and other tools like Site Explorer. BOSS has had the licensing rates change to become less attractive and now Site Explorer is due to close down next year according to Yahoo!’s Search blog. Yahoo! recommends Bing’s Webmaster Tools, though to be honest with you I think that these are inferior to both Yahoo! and Google’s tools, instead I’d recommend getting a subscription to SEOmoz.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week