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Da Vinci Furniture Responds To False Importing Scandal – chinaSMACK – kitsch furniture designs are not imported from Italy or Spain, but made in China and mislabeled they were found out by CCTV (Chinese Central TV)

What’s Facebook Afraid Of? – or FUD as a marketing tactic

Insider’s Guide to Mobile, Free Edition by Tomi T Ahonen in Business & Economics – free wireless industry e-book

Sina Weibo is for Fun, Twitter is more for News [STUDY] – Weibo as China’s online playground

Make: | Why Every Maker Should Learn Chinese

Data point: Personalized recommendations: creepy or helpful—or both? | JWT Intelligence – is there an uncanny valley in social / recommendation systems?

Lethal Pro Home – interesting product design, very vintage Oakley in feel

Can We Ever Digitally Organize Our Friends? « Design « kev/null – interesting essay on Google+