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Mobile payments could balloon 76% to $86 billion this year, Gartner says

Crackdown on illegals forces Irish in US out of jobs | Irish Examiner – even a bigger issue with the current recession on

How Beijing’s Guardians Of The Language Are Redefining Modern China – Worldcrunch – much more adaptive than the French government has been on foreign words

Amazon Will Eventually Pay Online Sales Tax, Says Analyst | WebProNews – which will affect profitability

Lightweight Portable Security (LPS)-A Linux distro from the US Department of Defense | Unixmen

Apple expands the App Store to 33 new countries and territories | 9to5Mac – small countries and the developing world

A Bomb in Oslo? What Google Lost by Ending Real-Time Search – The Atlantic – Google News just wasn’t as fast, it needs Realtime

Scoop: Oracle scrubs site of embarrassing Java blog | Digital Media – CNET News – hahahaha

Here’s Why The Bing-Yahoo Deal Isn’t Working So Far – so Yahoo! moved to an inferior search advertising platform that can’t do as good a content matching

Conde Nast, Other Publishers Look to Standardize Audience Metrics In Digital Editions – emedia and Technology @

Today On Google+: Business Profiles Terminated, Blueprint For Businesses On Google+ Will Be Made Available To All Shortly

Google+ Pulls In 20 Million in Three Weeks – – surely part of the growth is the exclusivity of it being invitation only?

Demand Media’s Lawyers Go After Critical Blog as Stock Sags – Forbes – surely the whole free speech amendment thing in the US screws Demand Media on this lawsuit

Japan records surprise trade surplus – – rescheduling manufacturing work around power fluctuations

Communities Dominate Brands: Mid-year Update to Nokia Smartphone Forecast to 2011, with View to 2012 and new Microsoft based phones – maybe worthwhile waiting around for the inevitable patent auction?

Reimagining Japan – 20 year road map | McKinsey & Company

Reimagining Japan | I am a digital cat | McKinsey & Company

I, Cringely » The Decline and Fall of Facebook

Pfizer Facebook page: Hacked! « ScienceRoll

Government, Portals Push for Browser Diversity in South Korea – Korea Real Time – WSJ – still using IE6!

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Q2 Results 2011: 15 Years after Inventing the Smartphone, Finally The King Is Toppled: By Who? Apple’s iPhone of course

Monocolumn – High farce lets Murdoch off the hook [Monocle] – probably one of the best critiques on the hackgate debacle so far

Official Google Blog: More wood behind fewer arrows – interesting change, more focus on fully formed products?