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Android’s Dirty Secret: Shipping Numbers Are Strong But Returns Are 30-40% | TechCrunch – this doesn’t surprise me, Windows Mobile also used to have high return rates on their handsets. Also as smartphones replace feature phones we can expect this to be a continuing trend due to user confusion

InterDigital files ITC complaint against Nokia, Huawei, and ZTE for 3G patent infringement — Engadget

BBC News – HTC is braced for Apple smartphone patent war

Communities Dominate Brands: Myths and Misdemeanors: Lets Examine Some Very Widely Held Myths about Nokia, and the facts behind the story

MediaShift . Your Guide to the U.K. Phone-Hacking Scandal (or ‘Hackgate’) | PBS

PRs, Meltwater Lose Online Copying Appeal, But Gain Headlines Concession | paidContent:UK – another take on the content licensing debacle in the UK

Communities Dominate Brands: The Ten Million Dollar Man – Stephen Elop Costs Nokia 10 Million Dollars More of Lost Profit – Every Day He Remains as CEO of Nokia

UK Ruling Classifies Millions as Copyright Offenders – oh crumbs

One Small Antitrust Victory for Google – Law Blog – WSJ

Recording emerges of Piers Morgan admitting to using hacked stories | Gordon’s Republic | Brand Republic blogs – this could now take in a wider media sphere in the UK

Mercedes-Benz Goes Pedal To The Metal In China – Worldcrunch – interesting article on how Mercedes is getting is butt kicked by Audi and BMW in the Chinese luxury car market

Esquire’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn Rape Joke Tweet Draws Fire (PHOTOS)

If letters can be evidence so can Facebook posts, says expert | Pinsent Masons LLP

Dixons and Harrods end differences with landmark deal – Marketing magazine – cheapens the Harrods brand doesn’t it?

Celine Is Looking For A Fashion Job – interesting PR CV

Google Study Shows Paid Ads Don’t Cannibalize Organic Results | Search Engine Journal – supports hypothesis that PPC and SEO are good to run side-by-side

The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control | Richard Stallman | Comment is free |

RIM says 7 smartphones with new OS are coming soon | VentureBeat – much needed

Baidu’s Internet Search Engine Revenues Surge In China –

China Requires Web Monitoring Software for Businesses – – will this kill digital junkies out of home fix?

Why Apple may be alone and vulnerable in mobile | ZDNet

Old Spice Mustafa fights Fabio LIVE 12 noon EST on internet stadium. | – I hope that this W+K event lives up to the pre-match billing

Qualcomm buys gesture-recognition technology company GestureTek – which is going to get interesting in the IP wars of the mobile handset space

Tricia Fox: Amy Winehouse’s Untimely Death Is a Wake Up Call for Small Business Owners – Huffington Post scores social media own goal with astonishingly crass blog post

How to Avoid Being the Next Facebook Hacking Victim | Dose of Digital – structural weaknesses in Facebook facilitated Pfizer hack

Are your customers becoming digital junkies? – McKinsey Quarterly – interesting data on online consumer behaviour and what it means for brands

How the BBC lost 60,000 Twitter followers to ITV | The Wall Blog – this isn’t so clear cut. BBC could have accounts by subject area: politics, business etc to do the same thing

focusdoug’s Channel‬‏ – YouTube – Focus Doug surprisingly good content from Ford

Orange and TMo merge networks in Poland – Rethink Wireless – basically EverythingEverywhere Polska