Pure Popbitch Gold

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Back in the day when I worked at Pirate Communications in the early noughties, the office used to go silent for 15 minutes or so on a Thursday afternoon when Popbitch used to arrive in the email boxes of the office. Now and again, only one person would get it and everyone else’s version of it was delayed so they would re-distribute it.

Popbitch no longer brings my current office to a halt, but it still has some gold nuggets such as this one apparently sent in by a reader with a nom de plume of OTHH:

“I’d like to say thank you to Hannah, the PR intern on the train north out of Euston on Saturday. While 99% of the carriage was thoroughly pissed off by her witless and inane top-of-the-voice braying, I thought the couple of nuggets she revealed about celeb clients were well worth resisting burning her alive. Oh, and in answer to her question raised by the full train – no, it’s not that bizarre that ‘so many people’ would want to go to ‘the north’.

PS: When she was off last week, she was hungover, and, like, SO couldn’t be bothered with the whole getting up and going to work thing.”

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