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Internet Marketing Strategy – free-to-download briefing document on what Econsultancy considers to be five key online trends: customer centricity, channel diversification, data, social media and content strategy

Majority of South Koreans’ data exposed | – the interesting bit is the data wipe of PCs used in the attack to hide fingerprints

When Will a Damaged Brand Come Back? | Aaker on Brands

Document: FBI Surveillance Geeks Fear, Love New Gadgets |

Apple Passes Nokia and Holds Off Samsung to Become World’s Top Smartphone Vendor [Updated] – Mac Rumors – Android is Toyota and Apple is Mercedes & Porsche

At Makeup Alley, Advice From Online Peers – – how user reviews are demolishing beauty treatment company claims and promoting other products that previously didn’t claim benefits

The 100 Best Signs At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear: Pics, Videos, Links, News – old but I still love them

AOL Closing Music And Sport Sites In UK | paidContent:UK – because young people and men don’t use Aol?

Fighting a 25 million packets-per-second DDoS attack – the scale of this attack is frightening

DailyTech – Exclusive: British Police Duped by LulzSec Into Arresting the Wrong Guy

10 Min WiFi ‘Theft’ Could Cost Innocent 6,000 Euro Piracy Bill | TorrentFreak – expect more of this

Wave goodbye to free Internet TV – CNET News – great opportunity for new media companies to disrupt the existing ones then

Sina Weibo Releases Version 4.0, More SNS than Microblog [Exclusive Review]

Nielsen: Apple Leading U.S. Smartphone Maker, Android Leading OS – John Paczkowski – Mobile – AllThingsD

UK consumers in gloomy mood: – not surprising given low growth rate, inflation, property prices and economic outlook

Google+ traffic dropping already? | Digital Media – CNET News – its hard to know on week-to-week data unless you have the server logs

Film studios thrash BT in Newzbin site-block test case • The Register

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister: ‘I Think Anonymity on the Internet Has to Go Away’ – no surprise about the sinister anti-privacy agenda being pushed by Facebook

Google: We’ll Make Your Site Faster, Just Give Us Your Keys – AllThingsD – so basically Google as cache / content delivery network and translation layer?

ComScore Report: 27% of Facebook Browsing on News Feed, Just 10% on Apps ’18 million strong’ claim banned – Brand Republic News – school boy error, non-justifiable claims

To Spread Your Brand On Facebook, Don’t Target Your Fans–Target Their Friends | Fast Company – propagation planning

Guest post: The end of ‘Made in China’? | – not on a massive scale, but even small changes in business to other countries can have a massive positive effect for their economies

Fashion Designer Judy Hua: “I Want To Build A Premium Chinese Brand” « Jing Daily – it will be only a matter of time before China has premium fashion brands like Japan

A great divide holds back the relevance of economists | The Great Debate

The Grad Life – Slide Show – – I love these diagrams of graduate life

Red Cross Charity Donation Vending Machine – Japanese Red Cross & Coca-Cola rolls out a vending machine with a charity button.

Former Google CIO says business misses key people marks – innovation, human resources, Google, Douglas Merrill, CIOs – Computerworld – interesting comments on the music industry