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danah boyd | apophenia » Designing for Social Norms (or How Not to Create Angry Mobs)

Communities Dominate Brands: Pondering The Blackberry Puzzle: what IS going on here?

AHAlife: 1 New Discovery. Every 24 Hours. 100% Inspiring. – trend spotting versus closed sales

Dealpolitik: What Kraft Won’t Say About its Spinoff – WSJ – helps bury the Cadburys buyout deal and subsequent decline in performance of that business

danah boyd | apophenia » “Real Names” Policies Are an Abuse of Power

Data point: Tablet users’ activities differ depending on operating system | JWT Intelligence

Kraft’s Rosenfeld’s about-face spurred by dwindling options | Consumer | Crain’s Chicago Business

6,000,000,000 « Flickr Blog – whilst the flickr community may have not as much pictures as Facebook it does have a better quality community with a higher signal to noise ratio

US internet providers hijacking users’ search queries – tech – 04 August 2011 – New Scientist – this will only be the thin end of the wedge with a lack of net neutrality

Half of China’s urbanites to be middle class by 2023 | China business news

Yahoo! WebPlayer: The easy way to add video & audio to your site – ideal for contextual audio and video advertising as well

Wikipedia Is Slowly Dying – societal norming as the plebs are let loose in the social web