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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Chinese Luxury Market « Jing Daily – interesting results but no transparency on methodology / accuracy

3 Great AdWords Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of! | Search Engine Journal

Hotmail and Gmail Appeal to Younger Demographic in Canada

Social Media Tools Map | Socialnomics

Up-to-Date Google Algorithm Change History Released | Search Engine Journal

Neo-Nazis tricked by T-shirt that changed message after it was washed

China’s web population hits 485m |

Baidu Bows Out of China Microblogging Race – WSJ – they were getting served by Sina’s weibo offering so this makes the most sense

Nokia to Exit Symbian, Low-End Phone Businesses in North America – AllThingsD – so much in this

RTÉ Online: Radio – Mystery Train with John Kelly – impeccable radio programmes with some of the best music programming ever. Given that this is Ireland, the state broadcaster RTÉ cancelled the show despite attracting a worldwide audience and critical acclaim

70 Percent of UK Male Smartphone Owners Use Email on the Go

IPad rivals have better chance in Europe: Forrester | Reuters

Why Did Microsoft Cut Dolby Out Of Windows 8? – focusing Windows more towards the middle of their market and ignoring the edges

Londoners Use Twitter To Coordinate Riot Cleanup – Forbes

Vending machines continue to evolve | JWT Intelligence

In what ways have you seen Twitter used as a promotional tool within the Code? | pharmaphorum

Windows Phone 7 Developer Evangelist Leaving Microsoft | mocoNews – just as Mango and Nokia are coming online. Interesting choice of timing

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The Age of the Customer – Free Forrester Research report on customer service

Nanodiamond transistors and house-sized computers are coming | ExtremeTech

Groklaw – Oracle v. Google – Balance of Discovery Failures Lies with Oracle

The fate of mobile phone brands | asymco