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How to Delete an Account from Any Website |

Analyst Says World Is Witnessing Financial WWIII

Marketing, PPTV moves beyond China | – I know Chinese people who’ve already used it in the UK to watch CCTV’s new year show. The P2P architecture is similar to Joost and makes sense in China due to the relatively high network latency there

Wei Search – Sina Weibo’s Experiment in Social Search

Tencent Launches an ‘iTunes for Android,’ Gives Google a Syncing Feeling | Penn-Olson – how does Android fair moving forward given Google’s recent conduct in China

Samsung misleads public over tablet patent case – Not looking good for court hearing | TechEye

QR code lovers skew male, young & affluent | VentureBeat

Facebook traffic is falling in the uk- The Inquirer – not conclusive proof but interesting

Meet The Chinese Viral Video Master Who’s Been Commissioned By McDonald’s And 7UP

Yo, HTC — you got problems. And Dr. Dre can’t fix them — GigaOM

UK riots: Why respectable people turned to looting – New Scientist

The Radioactive Orchestra – genius

Sina Debuts Luxury Online Shopping Platform: Is China’s “E-Luxury” Market Getting Saturated? « Jing Daily