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Sony shows wearable 3-D personal theater ‹ Japan Today – I love this, but the price point will be critical

Learn to code | Codecademy

Another front opens in Cisco’s war for survival — GigaOM – doesn’t even mention new players like Huawei and ZTE

How Does Your Email Closing Line Come Off?

Asiajin » Mixi Launches Mixi Page

Openwave accuses Apple, RIM phones, tablets of patent infringement — GigaOM

80 Percent of Shoppers Change Purchase Decision Based on Negative Reviews [Research]

Mixi SVP Tak Miyata Talks Mobile Apps & Mobile-Enabled Commerce | mobilegroove

Analysis: Why Goldman’s Blankfein tapped a big-time lawyer | Reuters – what about innocent until proved guilty?

Some U.S. firms paid more to CEOs than taxes: study | Reuters – there seems to be a widespread interest (triggered by Warren Buffett) in more equitable tax burdens

Kuvva. Visual awesomeness.

Older Facebook Users Click More, Like Less

Intel: Possible Capital Cuts On Weak PCs, Say Barclays, Citi – – more double dip recession news?

Hong Kong 31st on world’s most liveable cities list |

Microsoft Launches Piracy-Fighting Viral Marketing Campaign in Hong Kong | Penn-Olson

Generate Strong Passwords with Wolfram

Cooking Google + Style – Graham Brown All is Social

China’s Top 10 Online Ad Styles – Which Get More Clicks? | Penn-Olson

Windows Phone Marketplace now home to more than 30,000 apps

How to measure social media PR « The Naked Pheasant

Baby Boomers Driving the Social World « Sysomos Blog

6 Myths Chinese Search Engine Baidu Would Rather Like To Correct

OpenDNS and Google team to speed up the web — Broadband News and Analysis

Otoy – real-time rendering  : NEIGHBORHOOD C.W.P. ALT.Zippo – I love the way Neighbourhood puts pocket wear and tear on these to provide authenticity

Getting around Chicago in 30 minutes or less

Wacom Inkling May Become My Favorite Gadget of All Time – I think that Wacom may have the electronic pen done right

Jawbone announces Icon HD headset with improved audio, ‘Nerd’ adapter for making PC-based VoIP calls — Engadget – why do Bluetooth enabled PCs and Macs need the USB module?

China Shutters 6,600 Websites for Manipulating Information Online – WSJ – these look like bad SEO and spamming type practices