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It takes 66 days to form a habit – Telegraph

Eric Schmidt’s MacTaggart lecture – full text |

Watch Dunhill Voice Campaign Live with Aurasma Lite – Luxury Insider – using augmented reality app to do web-of-no-web content

Chinese Luxury E-commerce Platform Expands Brand Portfolio « Jing Daily

Official Google Blog: A fall spring-clean – sad to see that image labeller getting axed. It was a version of the Carnegie Mellon ESP game

Baidu Releasing Revamped Homepage and Mobile Platform At Annual Conference | TechNode

Cool Infographics – Blog – The 20 Most Expensive AdWords on Google

ICBC, Baidu among top brands in China:

News on Japan – ‘WHY DOES JAPAN GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF?’ – Everything in Japan costs 25% more than the global price. Nobody in the rest of the world wants to pay for that level of support…especially for beta products that barely work.

The third ecosystem. What are the odds? | asymco – the comments are entertaining

Luxury’s missing ingredient | Material World | – Lanvin using humour to market luxury

VODone: the Biggest Chinese Tech Company You’ve Never Heard Of | Penn-Olson – Chinese mobile TV company

Report: Intel To Kill MeeGo Development “Temporarily” | TechCrunch

Being Rich in Asia Just Got Really Expensive – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Subdomains Now Considered Internal Links By Google Webmaster Tools

some cool light graffiti works from shenzhen-based street artist RAY | NeochaEDGE