Jargon Watch: cyberchondriac

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I was reading coverage in the Irish Examiner of what was a pretty standard research-as-news-hook story on how consumer behaviour is changing with the advent of extensive online health information. Quinn Healthcare defined cyberchondriacs as people who used Google to self-diagnose in preference to consulting a doctor.

In Ireland this is exasperated by the cost of getting an appointment with the doctor and the state of the Irish economy. Quinn Healthcare found that cyberchondriacs were likely to be generation-x females who would use Dr Google for both themselves and their families.

More information
Irish ‘cyberchondriacs’ turn to ‘Dr Google’ By Jennifer Hough Irish Examiner (Thursday, September 01, 2011)
“Cyberchondira” takes hold as half of the population turns to internet diagnosis for medical ailments – Quinn Healthcare