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How Sweden Dismantled Many Of Its Online Civil Rights At The Orders Of US Content Industries | Techdirt

bitly blog – You just shared a link. How long will people pay attention?

Binfire CEO explains his project management philosophy — Online Collaboration

ONLINE CHINA VERSUS OFFLINE CHINA | China Youth Watch by China Youthology 青年志

How Bartz Didn’t Help Yahoo Mobile | paidContent:UK

Report: Apple To Top Smartphone Shipments In 2011; Nokia’s Ship Has Sailed | paidContent:UK

Yahoo! Announces Leadership Reorganization (NASDAQ:YHOO) – and it’s official

Marketing, Bartz out of Yahoo! | – woah! Yahoo!’s board suddenly found a backbone

Experian Hitwise – Flight search infographic: New York accounts for 34% of USA flight searches (client)

Majority of Britons now use Facebook or Twitter (statistics) | FreshNetworks – Facebook is the new Eastenders

Public Relationships: Sina Weibo Changes Communications in China

Evolution of the Web – developed for Google

China’s service industry growth slowest in 6 years | China business news – it’s hard to get good statistics on this, but if true it’s something to worry about

Mobile phone electrostress epidemic | – mobile phone ME? (paywall)

More big names suspected of illegal works | – Enforcement against unapproved structures, stepped up since April, puts more tycoons and celebrities under scrutiny for adding to houses, almost as bad as planning regulation violations in Ireland (paywall)

TVB directors to look into judge’s criticisms | – exploitation of stars (paywall)

Green tax to hit air passengers | – is the EU green tax about protectionism? (paywall)

The coolest thing I saw at IFA: LG’s passive clip-on 3D glasses – Engadget – up until the age of 10, my Dad never had a set of sunglasses, he used to have a set of polarised clip-ons instead. Someone has took that old idea and applied it to passive 3D specs

Why HTC logs behavior data, and why it scares users | ExtremeTech – quiet reputation train wreck in progress

When the world ends, will you be covered in grey goo? – debunking nanotechnology myths

Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value – – e-education doesn’t necessarily work: schools are spending billions on technology, even as they cut budgets and lay off teachers, with little proof that this approach is improving basic learning

HTC pips Nokia to the post with Mango devices – Rethink Wireless

Marketing to the modern Asian woman: Trends to watch by Vic Corsi, Landor – WPP – “Shopping is a social activity and the goal is not necessarily to make a purchase. Group shopping is one of an Asian woman’s main hobbies—over 20 percent of Asian women go shopping every weekend with no expectation of purchasing. While she peruses the malls contemplating what to buy—either now or on some future shopping mission—the Asian woman is looking for brands to convince and entertain.