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WPP Chief Sir Martin Sorrell Has ‘Fundamental’ Doubts Over Whether Facebook Can Carry Adverts [Headlines] @PSFK – over-monetisation is what ruined the user experience of Yahoo! Search whilst competing with Google. In addition, Facebook’s cost of serving audiences is going to be higher than Google. Partly because of the data centre’s designs and partly because of the services they provide require more processing cycles. You heard it here first….

China’s Internet Music Industry, You Pay For Music Now – interesting how music services in China are evolving

Full text of Premier Wen’s answers to questions raised by WEF chairman, entrepreneurs at Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 – Xinhua

Innovation In China. It’s Happening, But Not How You Think. : China Law Blog

LG Gets Exclusive Rights to Street Fighter IV on Android Phones | Penn-Olson

Why Facebook is the New Yahoo – Datamationyou heard it hear first….

E-Books – The Bigger Problem | Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent

RIM and the lamentation of the analyst | asymco – less data to work out what is going on

Crave Online – interesting restaurant magazine covering Hong Kong

Six Provocations for Big Data by danah boyd, Kate Crawford :: SSRN – danah boyd on the ramifications of big data, societal and cultural issues as well as the likely areas were promise is likely to be unfulfilled

Anatomy Of New Sina Weibo, Is It More Than a Microblogging Site? | TechNode – Weibo evolving from just being a microblogging platform

Why Twitter doesn’t care what your real name is — Tech News and Analysis – Facebook is for one-to-one, Twitter also allows for propagation planning