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What if People Stop Sharing? Facebook Has the Answer | SiliconANGLE – Facebook trying to hedge against less active network members

Samsung lawsuits against Apple over 3G patents could backfire

Why Facebook Timeline Is Made For Its Youngest Users [OPINION]

How Facebook Ate the Web – it looks like Aol on the ascendancy

NASA releases collection of space-related audio files – Boing Boing

d-zone’s sounds on SoundCloud – old school rave label online

Google Tells Senate That iOS Dominates Mobile Search

Is Apple iOS Usage Flattening Out? Millennial Media’s Figures Suggest Yes | mocoNews

The Worse Banks Treat the Chinese, the More the Chinese Save – WSJ – startlingly like boom-time Japan

Privacy Win: Apple and Dropbox Join Fight to Reform Electronic Privacy Law | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Use of keywords will depend on High Court’s view of trade mark reputation

Tell Your Story with Timeline – Facebook’s spin on the new developments announced at F8

Italy Proposes Draconian One-Strike Anti-Piracy Law | TorrentFreak

Movie Institute Feels Pain Of IP Address-Only Piracy ‘Evidence’ | TorrentFreak

+1 Metrics, Social Signals in Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

Chinese Buyers New Fixture At London Fashion Week « Jing Daily sold to Rakuten of Japan for £25m | The Guardian – interesting that the VAT tax loophole took a big chunk out of the asking price. Processes, facilities, user base and goodwill were worth surprisingly little – which makes me think that it is evidence of social software services being very overpriced

Mini-Microsoft: Friday! Friday! Friday! Microsoft Company Meeting 2011! – interesting positive change in morale and them being happy that the cold winds of the great recession aren’t affecting Microsofties too badly. All sounds a bit like the IBM of old

Decoding ‘Social Management’ | China Power – increased focus on social cohesion and stability

Lancs shale to yield ’15 years’ of gas for UK • The Register

Kenji Takimi | The Japan Times Online – great interview with old school Japanese DJ whose taste now encompasses classic Balearic sounds, retro house sounds and new disco

LN-CC | Designer clothing, accessories, music and books. – lovely curated shop