It’s a Facebook world (well most of it is)

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My client Experian have put out research on Facebook usage out this morning. The research had two tables.

The first table looked at the average time spend on Facebook

Market Average time spent on Facebook in August 2011 per session
Singapore38 mins 46 sec
New Zealand30 mins 31 sec
Australia26 mins 27 sec
UK25 mins 33 sec
US20 mins 46 sec
France21 mins 53 sec
India20 mins 21 sec
Brazil18 mins 19 sec

The second looked at market penetration of social networks and forums as part of overall web behaviour

Market Market share for social networks and forums
New Zealand13.9%

This was spread across some 9,000 social networks in the UK alone.

I found it interesting that there didn’t seem to be a clear positive correlation between the amount of time that users spent on social networks and market penetration of social networks. Does this indicate that just because social network usage maybe tending towards ubiquity doesn’t necessarily mean that they are that engaging?