Google’s blue arrow bugged me | 从不一致的设计刺激

Reading Time: < 1 minute

When Google opened up it’s Google Plus network to it’s entire user base rather than invites Google highlighted it to everyone with a very organic-blue arrow.
google blue arrow ad
This irritated me at the time for a couple of reasons:

  • It looked like vandalism of the clean search engine page. Google’s doodles aren’t human but engaging and perfectly formed like pre-Disney takeover Pixar films. The arrow didn’t delight visually and wasn’t particularly clever
  • It made Google seem fallible rather than human. I have gotten used to Google the machine knowing me (sometimes in a really creepy way); so would know that I had already been in using Google+ before the web proletariat were let loose on it – yet it was like as if Google had forgotten this. This sense of disappointment was much more profound than getting a couple of duff search results (usually crap masquerading as content, as pioneered by Demand Media)

Part of the problem that Google has, is that it has walked itself into a machine design corner that isn’t quite minimal but getting there.