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Social engagement, patient dialogue among reasons pharmas kept Facebook pages after open wall policy – Medical Marketing and Media

GE-Philips Health Equipment Market Opens as Smartphones Win FDA Nod: Tech – Bloomberg – mobile health devices move forward

SME credit crisis could sweep China | – amazing rates of bank interest due to credit tightening (paywall)

Bleak Christmas looms for HK’s toy exporters | – industry expects weak sales due to risks of a global recession (paywall)

Shanghai left with 19 billion yuan bill after Expo | – discounted and free tickets left hole in income. Something to think about with regards the London Olympics?

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley today officially launched a set of innovative online tools that can help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. | COI – consultation moved to online platform

Sony Ericsson CEO: We Should Have Taken The iPhone More Seriously | TechCrunch

China’s patent EXPLOSION could leave West behind • The Register – engine of innovation

The Fans Are All Right (Pinboard Blog)

We7 bets on a future in personalised radio « Dominic Tyer’s blog

Irish Post bought as going concern – RTÉ News – this is potentially good news

Martin admits no hope of swift FF return | Irish Examiner – ‘no quick fixes’

Japanese manufacturers see positive signs –

Facebook Launches New Metric: “People Talking About”

5 Tips You Need to Know About Facebook EdgeRank | Social Web Thing

How Many Androidites Would Switch to iPhone5 and Why? – International Business Times

Oracle commits to ‘parallel everything’ architecture for Exadata, Exalogic | ZDNet – developing hardware and software together

Communities Dominate Brands: Regroupings in Smartphone Bloodbath: Tizen? (ex Meego) Meltemi (from Nokia?) and NTT DoCoMo.

Your Guide to Who Measures What in the Online Space | Advertising Age

Talking To The Future Humans – Bruce Sterling | VICE