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An Overview of the U.S. Wireless Industry | CTIA-The Wireless Association® Blog

The Best Video Chat App for Mac

ExtremeTech – Improve your sight with IPhone app – really?

Dachis Facebook Business Index Goes Public

In IV’s New Lawsuit Against Motorola, The Devil Is In The Details | The Patent Examiner

Reply-all fail: PR calls prominent mommy-blogger a “f***ing bitch” with predictable results | The Wall Blog

The new iPhone portfolio and implications on ASP | asymco

Consumer Psychologist: Don’t get Ripped Off By Real Estate Agents

The Guardian is opening up its newslists so you can help us make news | The Guardian

Worldcrunch – Carrefour in China – finding it hard to compete in increasingly complex market environment

The Diamond Age 2.0: De Beers opens Silicon Valley VC arm — GigaOM

Digital ‘ambush marketing’ threatens Games –

非诚勿扰-2011 综艺 视频_播客_个人多媒体 土豆网 – Chinese dating programme – real zeitgeist stuff. You Are the One “is January 15, 2010, Jiangsu Satellite TV produced a file marriage dating reality show, hosted by the non-Meng, every Saturday, 21:20 Sunday night broadcast. It provided for the majority of single men and women open marriage dating platform, sophisticated programming and a new model to get the audience and marriage dating friends attention. New interactive program will be fully break the traditional way of making friends, men and women fully reflect the new era of love and marriage.

Who’s on social media? Everyone and their grandmother, finds study – BizReport

Recession Officially Over, U.S. Incomes Kept Falling –

Households Pay a Price for China’s Growth – – (reg wall)

Apple Has 1,000 Engineers Working On Chips For The Post-PC Era | TechCrunch – power efficient silicon is critical

Eye Tracking Experiment in Google – iCrossing – interesting stuff on the impact of universal search

Low share price putting companies off Aer Lingus | Irish ExaminerI think artists lay out the carpet before businessmen, whether businessmen like to admit it or not

Semiconductor inventories mirror 2008 recession – Wireless could save the day for Q3 | TechEye

LVMH secures its skins — and Hermes’ too | – vertical integration

Tata Nano: Unloved at Any Speed – By Sadanand Dhume | Foreign Policy

The Fourth UK-China Internet Roundtable | Society – interesting that China is thinking about bilateral ways of moving forward on internet policy

Apple Looks to Burn Google with 3rd Party In-App Purchase Patent | BNET – interesting process patent

Toys“R”Us Japan ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and DiscussionWhat’s different in Japan is that the toy part of the business is really very much TV-driven. One example are Licca-chan dress-up dolls which have been very popular for many years due to TV advertising.

Also, product launches here are probably more significant than they are in other countries. Shelf life can be short, too