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Law: Aussie company puts Microsoft on the spot – Fair Dinkums are us | TechEye

RIAA-led mob threatens innovation, Senator warns • The Register

SnowMiner Headlamp / Lantern – headlamps – lighting

Understanding The New Customer Journey by Fitch – WPP

The Internet of Fake Screenshots

NTT DOCOMO Unveils 24 New Mobile Devices— New generation of smartphones, including Xi™ LTE models — | NTT DOCOMO Global

Investors fail to bite at Microsoft Wall Street pow-wow | Reuters

Another View of Patents From James Dyson –

#OccupySesameStreet Photos | TAUNTR.COM

NTT // Gartner Symposium kicks off with scary numbers and calls for creative destruction

A comparison of leading WordPress theme frameworks | Webdesigner Depot

U.K. PM David Cameron Joins Foursquare and LinkedIn | TechCrunch – this feels like the illusion of social

China’s princelings break their silence – want to champion civil society and bring the party further into balance with the populace

TelecomTV | News | RIM: a company with Eg and Ham all over its face

Apple’s R&D spending hits bottom as percentage of revenue | ZDNet – at least partly due to galloping revenue growth

BlackBerry blackout left me happily unlinked – – Lucy Kellaway on socio-cultural aspects of the BlackBerry blackout (paywall)

Tougher times for PR firms in squeezed middle | Evening Standard – interesting that this was in The Standard. I would have expected it to appear in Brand Republic or the Media Guardian

Default Choices Are Hard to Resist, Online or Not – – why people use Windows and Google

Friends Of Old Time Radio Gather In Newark, N.J. For One Last Convention (VIDEO) – stars from the golden age of radio no longer able to put in personal appearances – however still a strong demand for the content

Apple’s iPhone luring people to ditch rival phones | ReutersNearly one in four people who thronged Apple stores from Tokyo to San Francisco told Reuters on Friday they were ditching BlackBerries, discarding Nokias or even giving up Google Android-based phones

Court Orders French Cop-Watching Site Blocked –

Local firms head CSR charts in China:

Digital habits slow to catch on in Japan: News from Warc.comthe lack of widespread free content was a key reason for the low level of interest in slates among Japanese interviewees. Or what the internet is likely to look like in a few years in the west

Microsoft ‘Hut’ Opens Outside Seattle Apple Store – Slashdot – interesting marketing tactic, feels unfocused though apart from trying to capitalise on Apple footfall

RIM, Get Ready To Pay Up For That Massive Outage | TechCrunch