Jeff Jarvis on privacy and publicness

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Author Jeff Jarvis on sharing versus privacy.

Jarvis talks about the importance of ‘publicness’ to try and balance the privacy debate. Jarvis doesn’t see publicness as the enemy of privacy.


  • Privacy concerns usually happens with the changes of norms comes along with technological change
  • Privacy is about feelings in US law, it is different to issues around identity theft and fraud
  • Privacy still has ethics: information theft, improper use
  • Publicness is about the ethic of sharing, where it could be useful with a wider audience
  • Not all information should be public
  • Selling the benefits of publicness to produce a better digital civic society, so that it doesn’t get lost in the fear and worst case that happens as part of the privacy debate
  • Life is increasingly starting to mirror the architecture of the ‘net – self-organising, ad-hoc structures

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