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Future Perfect » The Touchmedia Tax – fascinating myth of the ‘captive audience’

The facial recognition revolution – Blogs

Five-Year Plan launches China textiles on new course – move to South East Asia and less developed parts of China coupled with increasing automation

Panasonic expected to post Y300 bil loss ‹ Japan Today – a drop in demand for TVs after move to digital in Japan. Stagnant sales in US and European markets and ongoing losses in their semiconductor businesses. Sounds like their convergence strategy isn’t working out that well for Panasonic?

The Big Challenge | – the growing risks posed by mega-cities, which are increasingly vulnerable to food, water and health hazards, as well as climate change (pay wall)

The Awkward, Unanswered Questions That Led to Coldplay’s Spotify Embargo | paidContent:UK

Yandex Profit Booms But Google Is Regaining Lost Ground In Russian Search | paidContent:UK

I, Cringely » Apple gets Siri-ous about TV

In The UK, Inciting Riots On Facebook Will Land You Three Years In Jail | WebProNews

Apple Acquires Another Mapping Company: C3 Technologies | SiliconANGLE

Survey: Professionals Not Replacing Print With Digital? – B2B @

Quantum keys let submarines talk securely – tech – 29 October 2011 – New Scientist – quantum key distribution (QKD) uses the quantum properties of photons, which are polarised in two different ways to encode 0s and 1s, to generate and exchange a key. Any attempt to intercept the photons disturbs these properties and raises the alarm

WeirdStuff – Resellers of surplus computer hardware and software. Their warehouse in Sunnyvale is world-famous

Tokyo Tracks 011 / あけぼの印 – 夜ノ街ヲ駈ケル | Test Pressing – really interesting article on the post war Japanese architecture movement of metabolism

What Kind of Buddhist was Steve Jobs, Really? | NeuroTribes

Firefox is the cloud’s biggest enemy | ExtremeTech – the centralised cloud reminds me of Microsoft versus the world in the 1990s

Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet — Tech News and Analysis

Hell freezes over: Forrester urges IT to support the Mac – Fortune Tech – I remember Arthur D Little finding out the same productivity gains in the early 1990s

Apple number five among global phone vendors | MacNews

Can Small Businesses Make America Prosperous? : The New Yorker – are small businesses good businesses?

Internet publishers liable for privacy invasion in each country material is accessible, ECJ rules – clarity on legal jurisdiction

Details of all internet traffic should be logged, MEP says