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Welcome to London 2012: the apparatchiks’ games – – aside from the inevitable mobile and broadband network infrastructure crash, this FT piece nails precisely why the London 2012 Olympics are going to be the equivalent of of an economic and social meteor strike blighting London (pay wall)

Appeal over legality of Digital Economy Act could be successful, judge says

Landmark EU ruling moves the boundaries for publishers | Econsultancy

Google Now Indexes Facebook Comments on Websites

Five Predictions On Digital In Asia | Forrester Blogs

Freshmeat is now called Freecode – The H – great online tradition comes to an end – Freecode doesn’t have the same impact

South Koreans, Late to Smartphones, Really, Really Like Them – Korea Real Time – WSJsmartphone users will account for about 42% of the total cellphone users by the end of this year, sharply up from a mere 1.7% at the end of 2009

Will the U.S. and Europe Rise Again — or Sink Together? – Knowledge@Wharton – we’re screwed…

Tianji Has 8 Million Members, with 100,000 Added Each Month [INFOGRAPHIC] | Tech in Asia – China’s LinkedIn has phenomenal growth

India’s Looming Microcredit Crisis | The Diplomat – US housing crisis-like meltdown in the making

The Latest Yahoo Plan: Sell The Asian Assets And Pay A Big Dividend – selling the Asian assets is an interesting play. It won’t be easy, given the growth elsewhere in the Yahoo! business it would make sense then rolling up the rest of the business afterwards

Fluid Automata : Angus Forbes – the interactive equivalent of a kaleidoscope or a bubble projector

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse | Blog | design mind

Japan’s free-trade dilemma: Yes, it should | The Economist

Japan Today | Sony looking to sell share in LCD manufacturing plant with Samsung – interesting comments to this piece

Download G-Force and visualize your music in a whole new way – loving the early 90s fractal vibe

Stephen R. Gilman: Oscar loves OSX because of its trash – The I Love Trash utility for earlier versions of MacOS were a classic experience alongside the flying toasters of the After Dark screensaver

Luck Is Just the Spark for Business Giants – – what is luck in the first place?