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Denim: A Riveting History | oki-ni

Another oil shock? – McKinsey Quarterly – Energy, Resources, Materials – Oil & Gas – interesting piece by McKinsey, probably explains the current high volume of oil and gas deals going on

Consumer mindset remains gloomy: – countdown to double-dip recession

Young Brits own an average of three Apple products | T3

Are counterfeits good for luxury? | – fakes gateways into real purchases

Telefonica slashes its handset portfolio – Rethink Wireless

Paris Review – The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson – interview with the cyber punk don

Dezeen » “Without a tighter union, Europe will disintegrate”- Rem Koolhaas

Big Brands Like Facebook, But They Don’t Like to Pay – AllThingsD

Internet Explorer does less than 50 percent of world’s web surfing, Chrome on the come-upp — Engadget

Communities Dominate Brands: Lumia Lumia Lumia, what are you doing Nokia?

Monocolumn – Priests, bankers and protestors [Monocle] – interesting analysis

Medicom Toy x Peanuts 2011 Collection « Format Magazine Urban Art Fashion – pure awesomeness

8 acupoints for travelers |

DOCOMO Releases Medium-Term Vision 2015 “Shaping a Smart Life” | NTT DOCOMO Global – interesting focus on services, including vertical market convergence / disruption facilitation

The way (not) to rein in the yen – A more aggressive quantitative easing programme, targeting 10-year government bonds instead of shorter maturities, would contribute more decisively to ease the pressure on the exchange rate. More importantly, it would also stimulate the largely stagnant domestic economy (paywall)

danah boyd | apophenia » Why Parents Help Children Violate Facebook’s 13+ Rule

Asiajin » Gree Starts Investment On East/South East Asian Start-ups

Android Orphans: Visualizing A Sad History Of Support – platform splintering

Facebook’s Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law • The Register

New Apple Store app launches Thursday; here’s how it will change Apple’s retail operations – Apple becoming the new Argos (process for shopping, rather than general household products) with is iOS app and waiting for product ordered

The Long Haul to Capitalizing on Web Trends – Digits – WSJAccording to comScore Inc., almost 62% of the ads shown on Facebook in the July through September quarter came from advertisers that are not among the top 1000 digital advertisers in the U.S.; on Yahoo Inc., just 23% come from such small advertisers. These sorts of Facebook advertisers range from nail salons marketing to people who live a particular town, to recruiters targeting employees at a specific company – going down the long tail due to targeting ability, not great on context like Google local search though

Toshiba-Hitachi-Sony LCD alliance to buy Panasonic plant: report | Reuters – interesting focus on smaller screens as part of a tactical move away from TVs

TelecomTV | News | Almost nobody is talking on 3UK – because nearly all the traffic is data – 97 per cent of the traffic is now data

Official Google Blog: Increasing transparency and choice with ads on search and Gmail

The inside story of how Microsoft killed its Courier tablet | Microsoft – CNET News