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Fractals for Mac OS X – great to see that Dennis De Mars kept this software going from the mid-1990s onwards. I can remember my friend Stuart running this in college and listening to Goa trance

How To Deconstruct Almost Anything – an old but good essay by Chip Morningstar

Is it possible to replace Facebook? | NRK Beta – Clay Shirky doesn’t think so and he’s worried about it, you should be too

Motorola wins German patent injunction against Apple, but it’s not what it seems | The Verge – legal mechanics rather than any kind of victory

Huawei Forms Cloud Computing Product Department In China –

British Police Arrest Journalist at The Sun, a Murdoch Paper – – interesting move as reputation containment of closing down the News Of The World may not have worked

Tech group says lawmakers catering to Hollywood | Benton Foundation – interesting that its not only consumer groups complaining about the unchecked power of the media industry

The Kitten Covers

How Ford Blew It On Facebook | Advertising Age – why drive people via advertising to your Facebook page when you can drive them to your own property?

FOSS Patents: European Commission investigates Samsung over possible abuse of FRAND patents against Apple

Experts cut economic growth forecasts | Irish Examiner…forecast for this year’s GDP growth is now 1.25%, down from 1.4% and next year’s growth is expected to be 1.5% of GDP, down from 1.65%

Rob Manuel » What Sting could teach Facebook – really interesting post about leaving social media services

1950 – amazing furniture shop in Kowloon

Android phone repair cost telcos billions: study | Reuters