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Ericsson predicts Mobile Data Traffic to grow 10-fold by 2016 – Ericsson

RIAA lawyer says DMCA may need overhaul | Media Maverick – CNET News

Google rumoured to be eyeing South Korea search deal – Google buying into Daum?

The presidential race one year out: America’s missing middle | The Economist – interesting analysis of the US political scene and speculation that a centre right voter agenda isn’t addressed by candidates

brilliant bits of writing – great blog to browse

The China Conundrum – – interesting piece on the challenges facing universities recruiting Chinese students – a clash of cultures

Asiajin » Decopic: Kawaii Photo Sharing App Gets 500,000 Users In 2 Weeks – interesting from a commercial partnership point-of-view fr brands

The end of the independent phone brand | asymco – interesting hypothesis

Bare Essentials: Maker of Nivea To Shed Its Pricier Products – Worldcrunch – anything over 20 euros being removed from their product mix

Korean bendy memory could make plenty of trendy tech — Engadget – allows memory to be built into the fabric of objects

Selling Western Music Legally in China With 88tc88 | Tech in Asia – interesting suggested linkage pattern with shanzhai phones and the idea that music is disposable

Who the hell is – China has a number of social networks that would be comparable to Facebook and the market is competitive

Bo Xilai’s Hollywood Campaign | China Power – they mean ‘Hollywood-style’

AppleInsider | Google Chairman Eric tells US senators Apple’s Siri could pose ‘competitive threat’ – Siri as a straw dog, Google has already demonstrated and used voice activated search

Fred Wilson on the E-Parasites Bill « The Trademark Blog

Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn Has Become the Go-To Guy of Tech – – interesting that Hoffman is like the Netscape guys before him moving to finance

Acorn, a great Mac image editor, built for humans. – recommended by Infinite Loop