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Cadbury mostly defends trade mark rights over purple shaded chocolate packaging – Cadbury ‘owns’ Pantone 2685C

HSBC warns of Asian slowdown threat – interesting given the results that Standard Chartered had last quarter and explains HSBC’s underlying profit falls 36%

Yum Brands buying Little Sheep – kind of the Chinese equivalent of McDonald’s purchase of Pret a Manger

New Report Shows Chinese Contemporary Art Market Confidence Higher Than US & Europe « Jing Daily – not terribly surprising

Acquia Looking to Spread the Word of Drupal in Asia | Tech in Asia – ideal for ecommerce and social properties

Australia Expects $9 Billion Windfall From Chinese Tourists…If They Get It Right « Jing Daily

Let’s Rewrite Securities Law for Facebook – legislation could create another Enron in the making?

Hyundai confirms involvement in South Korea’s proposed new operator

China Telecom reveals plans for dual-line US mobile service in 2012

Facebook Users Don’t Like to Refer – interesting impact on social adverts

Deal fatigue moves Amazon to unsubscribe users from its daily deals mailer | VentureBeat – indicator that GroupOn may have daily fatigue?

Barnes & Noble Urges U.S. to Probe Microsoft on Patents – Bloomberg – interesting seeing how this will work out

Thoughts on Flash – Steve Jobs missive on Flash is worth revisiting given that Adobe has finally given up on its mobile Flash efforts and is focusing on HTML5

包物流 伊姆斯休闲躺椅 沙发椅休息床会客椅 休息区 曼琴家具R999-淘宝商城 – amazingly cheap Eames copy, no guarantee on quality though

U.S. lawmakers wary of Japan joining TPP pact ‹ Japan Today – US free trade bluster ironic given how closed many of their markets are

Report: China pours funds to forge an innovation powerhouse – across life sciences and alternative energy in particular

IEEE to define 25 Gbit optical interfaces – step up from 10GBbit optical interfaces

Qualcomm acquires wireless EV charging firm – specialises in electric car charging

Hadoop is focus for Accel’s $100M fund – big data is the next area with heat

Clothing Store Asks You To Leave Your Blackberry At The Door @PSFK – also prevents mobile comparison shopping and other distractions that depreciate brand experiences (or am I just being cynical?)

Mozilla Firefox Adds Twitter Search and New Features that Make Web Browsing Easier | The Mozilla Blog – one thing Twitter has over Facebook is that the great satan of social is losing out on app and OS-level integration

Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz |

43-year old Japanese woman defies old age | Baidu Beat – she has a five-hour skin regime. How many people have that much time?

Google bans promotions and competitions on Google+ Pages for brands | The Sociable – no real surprise mirrors Facebook in this regard

Consumer Reports recommends the iPhone 4S

The Owner of Yahoo!’s Patents Could Cripple Facebook’s IPO Aspirations – Forbes

Don’t Launch A Company, Launch A Fund (Or The Series A Will Die) | TechCrunch

Europe’s Coming Trade War with China – By Jonathan Holslag | Foreign Policy

Mozilla seeks to infiltrate Android with Boot to Gecko, a new mobile OS for geekos — Engadget

Olympus admits wrongdoing; says it used fees to cover losses ‹ Japan Today – this doesn’t mean that Olympus’ underlying businesses are bad though

China inflation: a big fall ahead? |

London’s Financial Workers Say They Are Overpaid – – they also said in the report that they would resist any form of change to their situation

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is in Seoul to meet Korean IT executives. – WSJ – and more importantly there will be a K-pop channel on YouTube

Information Processing: Generation gap – interesting that Steve Hsu sees this as a source of conflict

A Snapshot Of The Chinese Super-Rich – Worldcrunch – All News is Global14% of people who own more than 10 million RMB (about $1 million) have either emigrated or are in the process of doing so. Another 50% are considering emigration

China’s confident consumers – McKinsey Quarterly – consumers have a more positive outlook than last year, but have also been spending more because of inflation