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At Google X, a Top-Secret Lab Dreaming Up the Future – – its an R&D lab, love the smoke and mirrors though

Expert: Regulators “slow to catch up” to Microsoft patent bullying

Pioneer unveils Zypr, a free Siri-like platform that can tell your web apps what to do | VentureBeat

A VC: Long Roadmaps – long-term ism as a differentiator in start-ups

Google Releases Think Insights Trend & Research Hub for Marketers – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Why America is not the centre of the media universe | TheMediaBriefing

iPhone 4S Teardown (2)] Antenna Wire Hidden Inside — Tech-On!

Shanghai Science and Technology Commission proposes 100 ‘innovation houses’ for DIYers — Engadget – government promoting maker culture

China: social media marketing tips | – young Chinese consumers don’t have much truck with advertising – described as internet savvy and thrifty

US college grads’ salaries in steep decline – Boing Boing

Telefonica loses $600 million in Q3, first loss in 9 years | ZDNet

Morgan Stanley: Apple’s share of world’s largest PC market — China — set to grow from 5% to 21% – Fortune

Private equity takes two approaches to Yahoo: sources | Reuters

What’s wrong with senior executive pay? – lots (in my view) « – interesting take

Sina Weibo Has Over 2 Million Users in Hong Kong | Tech in Asia

Maersk builds LatAm “reefer” factory | – because the cost of production is growing faster in China than Latin America

How Sony lost its way, starting with software – SplatF

Original Channels – YouTube – YouTube’s original content deals