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Arista Networks Founders Aim to Alter How Computers Connect – – faster networks allow for bigger faster fails

Is America following Japan?: Two things to remember about Japan | The Economist – interesting take on the late 1990s recession in Japan

China’s Explosion in Weibo and E-Commerce Usage, Across the Social Divides [INFOGRAPHIC] | Tech in Asia

11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard – Mental Floss

Bloggers Penalized For False Review – WSJ – taking kickbacks and organising group buying apparently

Carlyle’s Attwood talks Yahoo – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blog Term Sheet – talking it down, the big challenge is recognising that the US business can’t be grown significantly, it is more about cutting costs and using the US business as a cash generator to support significant debt

Google Compete: It Was Real – of course Microsoft would have a Google Compete team. It probably has a marketing budget and PR agency doing depositioning as well

Has Social Media Really Stalled Among the Fortune 500? « Sysomos Blog – social media leveling off and possible retrenchment amongst Fortune 500. Probably matured in terms of adoption and consolidating experiments into something scalable

Why People (Dis-) Like Your Brand On Facebook – nothing outstanding, but worthwhile looking at for the infographic

GOLDMAN: Demand For The iPad Is Fading

Android sells the smartphones; Apple makes the money – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – I said a while ago that Android looks increasingly like Windows did for PC makers with the margins hollowed out

Huawei to acquire Symantec’s 49% stake in Huawei Symantec for $530 million

Spain, Nvidia plan ARM-based supercomputer

Chart Focus: How high unemployment lingers – recessions tending to be longer and deeper

Secret documents reveal the flimsy case for Ofcom to give into BBC’s public TV DRM demands – Boing Boing

Viacom concerned over ad revenue: – double dip recession in US?

Bessen-Ford-Meurer-trolls – interesting Boston University paper on the real economic costs of modern-day patent cases

APAC enjoys digital surge: – study focused on Southeast Asia including Singapore

Groklaw – Barnes & Noble Exposes Microsoft’s “Trivial” Patents and Strategy Against Android ~pj