Once upon a time East 17 were cool…

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In the early 1990s UK dance music developed into a more expanded sound begging and borrowing from lots of different styles, this collection from Mixcloud should give you a good idea:

It took the Chicago sound and built on it with fat record budgets and rich DJ’ing slots paying for a lot of outboard studio gear hooked up to Atari ST computers and Apple Macs (during their uncool phase). London Records launched East 17’s first record with a dub mix on the back that fit right in. Called the Wet Nose Dub – there was no sign of proto-chav posturing and pantomime dress that East 17 became known for. Highly credible DJs like Fabi(o) Paras and Sasha were sent the record as a white label and caned it in club nights throughout Europe. Soon after this first record East 17 lapsed into bargain basement R&B records that made them a credible rival to Take That across Europe.

It’s only taken 19 years for me to admit publicly that I liked an East 17 tune, or that for a small moment in time (before we knew who they were) East 17 were cool. Enjoy. The recordings are Mixcloud and YouTube respectively which may not be available to all readers.