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Foxconn is betting the farm on carbon nanotube touchscreens | TechEye – Indium tin oxide in touchscreens is likely to get more expensive

Facebook just a healthier smoke break, says iPass — Online Collaboration – I think that the difference is that that the smoke break allows creatives contemplative time for ideas to percolate and also forms cross-functional interaction in a business. Facebook reinforces social structure in comparison

Mortgage arrears now top €1 billion – RTÉ News – just over 8%, or 62,970, of private mortgages in Ireland are in arrears of more than 90 days

Fujitsu x Globe-Trotter Smartphone Collaboration – interesting because of the use of vulcanised paper as a cellphone case

3 Ways Companies Can Reach Generation Z – interesting that curation is seen as purely a gen-z thing (which is bollocks)

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter – – breadth rather than depth in media consumption and creation

To tweak or not to tweak… that is (not!) the question – PARC blog – PARC Inc weighs in on Malcolm Gladwell’s opportunistic link-bait around Steve Jobs’ death

Q&A With Susan Kare: The Woman Behind The Original Mac Icon And Facebook’s Gift Icons – Steve Jobs went to see Flashdance three times?!

What Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, And SAP Don’t Tell Customers – they want the status quo and money for doing essentially nothing. Their new products have questionable value for businesses

Something’s Wrong With Android: New Numbers Suggest Activations Have Gone Flat – maybe a seasonal dip, or the impact of extending mobile phone contracts?

THE MICROSOFT INVESTOR: Finally Someone Confirms A Nokia Windows 8 Tablet – interesting, I am struggling to see what pitching Nokia against every other Microsoft partner is going to do? Why not rebadge a tablet by Samsung or HTC? What’s the Nokia USP here?

Coach Plans Expansion in China – – looking for half a billion dollars in sales by 2014

iPad most wanted holiday gift among young children, study finds – Apple disrupting Fisher Price and Lego

German MPs told Irish VAT set to hit 23% | Irish Examiner – German government doing a very good job of undermining the Irish government which will make budget reform much harder to implement

German Court To Nutella: Stop Hawking Your Chocolate Treat As Healthy – Worldcrunch – ouch

FT Web App registers one million users | About us | – looking at the online data the overwhelming amount of FT readers are still UK based

Housing prices fall in Chinese cities – – property developers and small businesses have been suffering

The Peculiar Marketing Trends Among The Social Software Industry « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web MarketingIn a bite-sized world, Infographics are the new White Paper

Kindle Fire teardown reveals cost-saving design, says IHS – Texas Instruments was a big winner in the components list

Compal reportedly to bid heavily on Windows 8, says paper – interesting that Compal expects Windows 8 to ‘significantly boost‘ consumer demand in second half of 2012

29 Tech Companies Back SOPA – Microsoft’s stance is interesting as it is caught between two stools. The traditional businesses (Windows, software: traditional Office and server & tools offerings) seem to be winning out with their business lobbying functions. My guess is that Online Services (Bing and MSN) alongside their B2B brethren have about as much belief in them inside the company as outside

Why Apple rejected AMD’s Llano in the MacBook Air – interesting comparison of Intel versus AMD silicon. AMD still seems to have engineering issues

Mac making a move in the enterprise, grew 44 percent in Q3 — GigaOM

Middle-Class Areas Shrink as Income Gap Grows, New Report Finds –