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Search and aggregation to overtake B2B publishing sector revenue by 2014 | TheMediaBriefing

Nokia to sell 2 million Lumia phones in Q4, Deutsche Bank says

Sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S stall in South Korea as handset is deemed ‘uncompetitive’ – no advanced network capability, features are tired. (Siri doesn’t work in Korean)

Home Office u-turns on cyber sanctions | TechEye – do they have a clue?

Apple at 80% Brand Loyalty in Mobile – The Next Web – reminds me a bit of Danger Inc and their play to hold the consumer’s address book for the Sidekick

Daring Fireball Linked List: Fortunes Change Quickly in Mobile – interesting how things have changed for HTC

Classic Dieter Rams design – if I ever do something crazy and get married consider this site my wedding gift list

Danish innovation centre looks to design creativity| – interesting move by Denmark, product design is known to be a strength of Hong Kong – allied with the Peal River delta’s manufacturing muscle

Ireland Tries to Reverse Declining Potato Sales – – interesting sociological roots in this. It’s also generational, trying to part my parents from patatoes would be nigh on impossible

radio gravy – great radio to work by. Similar idea to Spotify, but with good taste

Marubeni Launches 3D Printing Service — Tech-On! – interesting that it is aimed at making precision resin dies etc

Courts cannot force ISPs into broad filtering and monitoring for copyright-infringing traffic, ECJ rules

よわよわカメラウーマン日記 – yowayowa camera woman’s diary are amazing pictures

Social Commerce Statistics | Bazaarvoice – nice collection of useful data points

What Wealthy Women Really Want – WSJ

Christmas shoppers don’t trust etailers to deliver on time | Econsultancy

NPS: A system to create young fans – works well for not-so-young fans as well

Brussels finally recognises luxury |