No more excuses for tired looking presentations and blog posts

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I see so many blog posts every day with a lot of tired clip art and see presentations that often use well-worn visuals. One of the things that Flickr does really well is aggregate lots of imagery that you are free to use.

A case in point is the photo documentary Documerica Project (1971-1977), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired a 100 photographers to go around the US and capture images relating to both environmental issues and everyday life within the US.
Subway Car.  05/1973
All of these pictures are freely available on Flickr as part of their commons initiative. You have museums, the US department of defense, NASA to name but a few organisations. In addition, thousands of people like me have included photographs under a creative commons licence.
Hitchhiker with His Dog "Tripper" on U.S. 66, May 1972
A hippy and a puppy, what’s not to like?