Jargon watch: CSNS (computer says no syndrome) | 电脑说没有综合征

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I was wondering along with some of my colleagues to a meeting and we got to talking about customer service and one of my colleagues told the following story:

A friend of theirs was out on the tiles and tried to withdraw cash. Unfortunately the teller machine wouldn’t allow them to access their account. They phoned up their bank and the customer service told them that they couldn’t free up their account to allow them to withdraw cash; but if they were out with anyone whom he had transferred money to previously, they could put the money into their account and they could withdraw it.

I thought it was a nice bit of lateral thinking to get around a typical modern-day problem. CSNS (computer says no syndrome) is the exact opposite of this approach. I was reading Hayley Chow’s blog later on, and the litany of customer services problems that she listed as CSNS examples show how important consumer-centric business processes are the next battle ground for market share.

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