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CSR departments are redundant, says Unilever’s Keith Weed – Campaign Asia-Pacific – too important to be left with PR / corporate communications

MAFIAAFire: ThePirateBay Dancing! – random proxy server selected

HP CEO: Apple will become market leader in personal computers | MacNews

2011 China Luxury Forecast – Ruder Finn Asia | Albatross Research – disclosure my employer Ruder Finn’s Asian offices. Funnily enough I found about it from from an WARC

China’s first Good Samaritan law drafted in Shenzhen: Shanghaiist – effort to change culture following famous case where helper got sued

China Favors Direct Investment to Create ‘New Blood’ in Europe – WSJ

Social Networking Watch: Twitter Teams Up With Japanese SN Mixi

Von Furstenberg to Chinese Women: Stop Chasing Men – WSJ

Analytics For Social Media –

Bing Bans Holiday Deals Sites, Including One By Group That Created Cyber Monday

Inside P&G’s digital revolution – McKinsey Quarterly – buzzword friendly, but how will it play out for shareholder value?

Facebook Just Played the Government – feels like Microsoft’s antitrust call the first time around. I don’t think that Microsoft was hated by consumers the way Facebook is. Expect more bullets to dodge

Microsoft’s Windows Tablets Of Next Year…Or Never | Fast Company – not enough of a fast follower this time?

Irish growth to be slower in 2012 – ESRI – RTÉ News

Japan’s #1 Mascots: Kumamon, Bary-san, and Nishiko-kun | Japan Probe – Japan seems to have mascots for everything, kind of cool actually

American Airlines: Bankrupt Companies Are Healthier Than They Used to Be – – negotiating ploy with the unions and as a way of resetting the clock on management shares at the expense of the shareholders

Information: Be careful what you signal | The Economist

Chinese Manufacturing. Profit Margin, What Profit Margin? : China Law Blog

The Trouble with Linkedin

Dylan’s Desk: How I learned to stop worrying and love “the cloud” | VentureBeat

US judge orders hundreds of sites “de-indexed” from Google, Facebook

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Teardown – iFixit

AppleInsider | ‘Key component’ said to be limiting Apple’s iPhone 4S supply

Japan Today | Toshiba to close three semiconductor plants

How Asia is Going Social, Mobile, on the Web [INFOGRAPHIC] | Tech in Asia

The rise of quiet luxury: Understated chic that is very, very expensive. – Slate Magazine

Baidu Beat | Let there be satellite – impressive new maps view

Bad Passwords with Chinese Characteristics | Tech in Asia

Design House Stockholm

China’s Menswear Market (Quietly) Booming « Jing Daily