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Search quality highlights: new monthly series on algorithm changes – Inside Search – Google has improved blog search and trawling the long tail

PATRIOT Act clouds picture for tech – – used as a powerful weapon against purchasing US technology

Tom Hume on the Kindle Fire « V E X E D – clearly differentiated market segments

IBM, Micron claim breakthrough in 3D chips – Through-silicon vias in East Fishkill | TechEye

On Counterfeit Chips in US Military Hardware « bunnie’s blog

Glitch un-launches – Boing Boing – it will be interesting to see what Butterfield and Co. come up with

A hole in the ground: Storing carbon dioxide thousands of feet below Illinois – Boing Boing – interesting write-up on a US trial of carbon capture

Good News: Windows 8 Tablets May Not Get Traditional Desktop Apps After All – this makes sense but what does it mean for the common code base, developer markets and enterprise market?

Next-Gen Touchscreens Will Resist Your Greasy Little Fingermarks

Facebook Buys Gowalla – talent buy Gowalla was a spent force because its software wasn’t as user friendly as Foursquare but still felt like a Fisher-Price toy

Michael Geist – Swiss Government Says Copyright Enforcement Rules Sufficient

Google Braces For Early 2012 (400-Page) EU Antitrust Report

Claire Enders: What happens to the media industry if the economy stops growing? | TheMediaBriefing

Why Siri Can’t Find Abortion Clinics & How It’s Not An Apple Conspiracy – one of the problems with directory style taxonomies

EU: ‘A standard is open when implemented in open source’ — which is not good for Microsoft’s proprietary XML office document standard

Beyond 22nm: Applied Materials, the unsung hero of Silicon Valley | ExtremeTech

MediaPost Publications Marketers Advised To Target Ethnic Preferences 11/30/2011 – for American consumers

NetEase’s Lightblogging Tool Lofter Open to Public | TechNode – think Tumblr or Posterous

Europe: How Austerity Is Killing the Euro –

Carrier IQ – good explanation of the controversy by BusinessInsider

The Wacom Inkling | The Ministry of Type – I was going to buy an Inkling but this post put me right off