Larry Lessig at Google

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Lessig was a pioneer on the interface between law and the internet. He has written a number of good books and developed smart ideas on areas such as remixing | mash-ups, fair use of copyrighted content, the creative commons and legalisation of copyright extension to support the media industry.

It is interesting that he has looked a wider platform; the influence of monied pressure groups on the government decision-making. It is an extension of the battle against laws that media industries successfully got through western governments over the past decade and a half. Campaigns at the edge of the technology | legal interface are now the catalyst for demands for wholesale changes.

Lessig argues that the need for political campaign funds drives politicians reaction to policy. For instance, temporary tax codes are used to raise continual campaign funds from interest groups in order to keep the temporary code in place even when there was evidence that the making the code permanent would provide a lasting economic benefit.