Postcard from Paris

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I spent a day in Paris with Ruder Finn colleagues and as with most of my trips away I treated it as a anthropological opportunity. I was in town the same day as Le Web was running, but digital Paris was a distant cousin to the Paris that I saw:

  • Digital and mass-transit – When you step on the tube in London, a lot of people have smartphone games, iPods and eReaders to occupy them. In Paris I was sat in a train carriage where I could see no headphones, no Kindle and one smartphone in use
  • iPhone – I saw more iPhones on advertisements than I saw people using them.
  • Cacooning 2.0 – take a trip through London and you will see people with a variety of headphones on from Apple earbuds to Beats headphones, Bose noise cancelling headsets and Sennheisers. My personal weapon of choice is the Beyerdynamic DT-150 for most trips. In Paris, the amount of people using headphones on the streets was much less than London