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Starbucks updates loyalty scheme and extends iPhone app – Marketing magazine

Former Lotus and Microsoft exec Ray Ozzie hiring for new start-up, Cocomo –

RIM: Jefferies Says Moving Toward Licensing BB Software –

Michael Geist – Challenging Counterfeit Counterfeiting Data

Researchers Say Infographics Can Save Morons From Themselves. Really? | Co.Design

Communities Dominate Brands: Smartphone Form Book 2012 part 3 – For Nokia it is Elopwatch

British business hopes plunge | Irish Examiner – 74 per cent chance of recession according to Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

Communities Dominate Brands: The Convergence of Megatrends? When All Roads Lead to ‘Mobile’

Darknet Rising: Private, Secure and Anonmyous Networks Emerging | The Penumbral Report

Asian Social Media Users Create, Western Users Consume [STUDY]

Some Venture Funds Hit ‘Pause’ on Big Deals –

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Prediction 5: No IPO for Facebook

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Prediction #4: Motorola buys TiVO

The 5 Things Yahoo’s New CEO Scott Thompson Should Do Right Away | Fast Company – probably easier to write the article than the job Thompson has inherited

Chinese Women’s Role in Household Consumption Increasing | The China Observer – still impressive high rate of savings

President Lee Myung-bak talked a lot about controlling high prices. – WSJ – growth and price inflation both considered issues

Getting to Know Chow Tai Fook – WSJ – world’s largest jewellery company

UK retailers face “carnage”: – partly economics, partly industry structure due to etailing

Luxury automakers face off in China:

Kodak Preparing for Chapter 11 Filing – Mike Spector and Dana Mattioli – AllThingsD – bullets for the IP wars between mobile device makers

Walmart Labs buys mobile agency Small Society — Tech News and Analysis – less interesting than the Kosmix purchase. Walmart bones up on wireless ninja skills

Samsung Chinese wafer fab gets OK

Korea’s Kakao Talk Passes 1 Billion Texts Per Day

$100 Million? Microsoft Has Even Bigger Plans – investment in marketing Windows Phone

Recipe search | – great use of the Guardian’s APIs

I, Cringely » Prediction 3: Intel buys Qualcomm – would this pass antitrust muster?

I, Cringely » Prediction #2: Amazon and Bezos supplant Apple and Jobs – a learning organisation like Sony back in the day

I, Cringely » Prediction #1: A new CEO for Apple – expects a Greek tragedy

BufferBloat: What’s Wrong with the Internet? – ACM Queue – why your broadband pipe isn’t what the adverts promised

App Downloads Soar – But Why is Germany Lagging? | Silicon Allee

The 16 Best Google Chrome Apps

Kimono designer dresses up iPad to breathe life into fading tradition | The Japan Times Online – kimono fabrics for iPad covers

Nobody Goes to Facebook Anymore. It’s Too Crowded. « Uncrunched – negative network effects

Yahoo names PayPal ex-president Scott Thompson as CEO | VentureBeat

New Microsoft patent: Walking directions that avoid crime-ridden neighborhoods – GeekWire

Nokia: Phone Charging Using Solar Power Comes With Many Challenges | PCWorld

China Telecom in milestone UK mobile deal – – (paywall)

Google Strikes A Blow For Android Consistency By Requiring Stock Theme | paidContent

Java Phones Make A Comeback In Late 2011, But Don’t Dump Android Just Yet | mocoNews

Microsoft sues UK retailer Comet for ‘creating and selling’ counterfeit copies of Windows Vista and XP | The Verge

Spain rescinds private copy tax, adopts anti-piracy law – Telecompaper – targeting sites rather than end users

2012 search predictions: the experts’ view | Econsultancy

Will Google be forced to ban its own browser from its index? | – line blurring between paid and earned media

Ray Dalio’s Richest and Strangest Hedge Fund : The New Yorker