I like: Motorola StarTAC Rainbow by Lëkki | 我喜欢:Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

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French back to basics device reseller Lëkki have managed to get hold of some of the legendary Motorola StarTAC Rainbow handsets. In the late 1990s the StarTAC was cutting edge. My friend Ian who worked in the city as a developer at the time had three of them. The hinge on the device kept breaking but he loved the idea of a handset that didn’t make it look as if you were packing heat if you carried it in an inside jacket pocket.
Motorola StarTac Rainbow
The rainbow handsets were very rare and contrasted sharply with the usual business black StarTACs. There is something to be said about a device that does one thing well rather than the current crop of smartphones which are the jack-of-all-trades but master of none. You can get yours here.